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Financial Life Steadily Improved

My financial life has steadily improved and I have been able to let go of my resistance to go out and socialize.

Douglas Quinn, Houston, TX

No Way Out to Paid in Full

I am a middle class American who fell behind in bills and saw no way out. Stress. Within a week of using the method, I spoke to a friend who shared insights. Since then I have been able to write a check for new car, paid off my mortgage and my credit cards.

Pat Hanbury, Reno, NV

Fixing What I Couldn't Fix

I had a problem and I didn't know what I could do to fix it. I am a franchisee and things had soured between me and the parent Company. Well, since there was nothing I could do. I started releasing on my contacts there. I felt stupid. I am constantly analyzing what I am doing and it didn't make any sense. After about 1 month I get an email from the Company and from the people who I was having difficulty dealing with, saying how good a partner I had been and that they'd like to further our business. I was shocked. The ONLY thing I had done was release.


Never Afraid Anymore

Besides the more mundane, materialistic gains … like surprising effortless job offers, a mortgage nearly paid off, a splendid car and 30 pounds loss of body weight … I am never afraid anymore.

Esther Davidson, The Netherlands

Doing Tasks with More Fun

I have found that I am getting much more of the day-to-day tasks done; more quickly, more effortlessly and with more fun!

Harold Linde

Clearer and Calmer with Others

I used to have a terrible problem with self-doubt and lack of confidence. Since I have been using The Sedona Method on a regular basis, I am much clearer and calmer in my interactions with others. This clarity has led to improvement in literally every area of my life – financial, professional and personal.

Sandra Camacho, San Francisco, CA

200% Increase in Productivity

My productivity and focus in work has increased 200 percent. Interesting and exciting opportunities are also taking shape.

David Dale, Richmond, BC, Canada

It Comes so Effortlessly

I’ve bought the sports car of my dreams, manifested a house overlooking the Inter Coastal waterway and have about $15,000 cash in the bank. The best thing is I’m not clinging to any of it. It all came so effortlessly.

Kris Waldron, Margate, NY

Flipping a House

For many years my wife has wanted to buy house and fix them up for resale. After completing the audio course I agreed to buy a house. My wife found a bank repo for $54,000 and we bought it. We invested $2000 and sold it within days and made $14,000.

David Crocco, New Palestine, IN

Out of a Financial Slump

I was feeling the financial pressure that all farmers are feeling this crop year, and I had managed to worry myself into quite an emotional state. After just a few days, I had released enough of the inner blockage to be able to work through new financial strategies that pulled me out of the slump and brought in more income than I could even hope for in a year when crop commodities are at an all-time low!

Testimonial by Sandra Perry

$6K Raise

For a long time, I felt like I was worth a lot more than what I was being paid for my work. But when I actually applied The Sedona Method release techniques on it – and my worthiness – I got a raise of $6000 a year. Hooray!

Testimonial by Penny Braun

Goal of Abundance

I am a divorced, over 60 female who works as a licensed clinical social worker. I was downsized from my job in December 2008. I began listening and releasing on 1/30/09. It was the only thing I found that helped the anxiety and fear I was experiencing. My first goal was to have an abundance of money with a net income of more than $5000 per month. I now have and am building an abundance of money. I took a part-time job doing counseling to seniors in nursing homes and this is the best job of any I’ve had. I am building a private practice from my home and it is growing and will continue to grow.

Testimonial by Sue Robison , Villa Park, IL

Allowing What Is

My gain was after I released on my issues around the sale of my second home, which has been on the market for almost one year, I got a call from a realtor who said his client wants to place a contract to close within one month. I realize when you truly allow what is, things do happen.

Testimonial by Agnes Richardson , Royal Palm Beach, FL

Releasing Limiting Beliefs on Money

Limiting beliefs around money surfaced; releasing these created a sense of freedom and limitless potential. I discovered that my financial goals were mostly about what I thought I needed in order to live life without concern about money. As I released on those concerns, I found myself living the life now that I had thought could only be in the future – when all financial security had been achieved.

Testimonial by Caroline Andersen , West Sussex, England

Making Movies

Friday, a friend who offered his home looked at one of my movies and contributed $500 within moments after watching the six-minute piece. It was effortless. Awareness is so much fun!

Testimonial by Michael J. Camoin , Albany, NY

Able to Turn Work Down

Ten days before Christmas I was notified by the owner of my largest contract (90% of my income) that they were going to have to start doing the work themselves because they were going in the hole every month and would not be using my services – unless more work started coming in. After releasing for several days I actually got to the point where I was elated at the prospect of doing something new, having no idea what it would be. In January, the firm received 2 new very large contracts and four months later I am still as busy as I want to be and at times have had to turn work down.

Testimonial by Leisa M. Miller , Dixon, CA


Lost 50 Pounds

After years of struggling, then The Sedona Method came to me. Learning and doing The Method has changed my life in new and very positive directions. I have lost 50 lbs. and now eat the proper food to maintain my normal body weight.

Testimonial by Wade Hansen , Wellington, UT

Chronic Stomach Pain Went Away

During a holistic release, my chronic stomach pains (diagnosed as IBS with constipation) completely went away and have not returned. I stopped taking Metamucil because I realized I was pre-medicating for a problem I used to have!

Testimonial by Carol McKay , Yakima, WA

20 Year Old Anxiety Cleared Up

The most significant gain is that I have had long-standing anxiety and guilt complexes (for which I had tried psychotherapy, medication, meditation and hypnosis) clear up. Some of these have been with me for 20 years.

Testimonial by James Warner

Stabilized My Moods

After years of suffering through bouts of depression sometimes lasting weeks to a month, my life has improved seemingly overnight. I have tried many anti-depressants to help, but The Sedona Method has stabilized my moods far better than drugs. I can’t believe how much better I feel about life in general.

Testimonial by J. Kiltoff , Lacy, WA

Non-Curable Pain Dissolved

After one day at The Sedona Method Basic Course, my “non-curable” hip and lower back pain dissolved and disappeared! I thought I would have it forever and I’m only 47 years old.

Testimonial by Kim Jaeger , Mountain View, CA

Tension Symptom Gone

The Method gave me my first relief from a tension symptom that had been keeping me in pain for at least 10 years.

Testimonial by Lorraine Garnett

No Longer Manic Depressive

When I was 16, I was diagnosed as a manic-depressive. At the age of 19, I decided there had to be another way than the medications, so I went cold turkey. I wandered for nine years and then stumbled upon The Sedona Method. After nearly 18 months of releasing, not only have most of the symptoms disappeared, I forget that I had them in the first place.

Testimonial by Jessice Chamberlain , Hoboken, NJ

Let Go of Physical Pains

I can let go of physical pains in a way that works. Since the last retreat in Sedona half a year ago, I have not had a single depression any more. I have found ways to welcome those waves and let them go so they never last. They don’t even have a name; they’re just waves.

Testimonial by Daria Ofman , Amsterdam

Aliveness in My Body

Although I work in the field of executive coaching and was aware of several approaches to emotional mastery I had never experienced such a simple and powerful way to create a feeling of spaciousness and choice. Also, as a tai chi practitioner, I am delighted by the feeling of aliveness, awareness and energy in my body.

Testimonial by Marc Roudebush , Paris, France

Releasing During Panic Attacks

I had panic attacks and could release during the attacks. I feel more relaxed.

Testimonial by Johan Bolhurt , The Netherlands

Possiblities I was Born With

The Sedona Method helped me to let go of all the trash I had collected in 46 years to discover that below there was still waiting all the possibilities I was born with. There is an abundance of them there. All I have to do is pick them up and polish them.

Testimonial by Dirk Heindrichs , Germany

Recognizing Old Patterns

A big insight for me was that I recognized an old pattern; that I tend to feel guilty easily, without knowing why or for what, because of something I sense. And because I don’t know why I feel this, I start looking and searching for what it might be until I find something plausible. I had to laugh a lot at myself when this released and felt a lot of energy had been freed by this exercise.

Testimonial by Clarie van de Langenberg , The Netherlands

Relief to Let My Story Go

I struggled all my life with body/mind and clung to my stories to feel ‘better’ about myself (I was always told I was so strong in the face of adversity). Obviously that did not work at all. I became desperately ill, too ill to struggle and resist and The Sedona Method came to me. It’s such a relief to let my story/self-created identity/beliefs/suffering go, in such an easy way. I feel I can achieve a much happier me/life through releasing and am eager to learn.

Anonymous Testimonial

No Longer Dictated by Food

I’ve found my body easily coming into harmony. I’ve lost weight. I’m aware and respond to my body’s natural desire to eat or stop eating. The “need” to eat chocolate, etc. has dropped away. I can have goodies in the house and know I don’t have to eat them. I don’t feel dictated to and needy around food, which is really joyful.

Testimonial by Verity Smith , Essex, UK

Quit Smoking in Two Days of Releasing

The physical things changed first. As I released pain, it became history. When I tried to figure that out, I just released that too. At 59 I quit smoking in two days of releasing after 40 years of pipes and cigars. I just don’t want or need it anymore.

Testimonial by Jerry Atkins , New Castle, OH



When I came here, there were many problems on my mind. I was spinning and had many loose ends and was completely mixed up. After two days I found my major problem. I am not a mom; I am not a wife; I am not a daughter; I am not the teacher. I am beyond that. I AM. It is hard to let go and at the same time, so easy. It is scary to let go of the old me, but it is a relief at the same time.

Testimonial by Eefje Doiessen , Holland

Thank you!

I have used many self-help programs in the last 20 years, however The Sedona Method is the easiest, most powerful, self-help program I have ever used. I will recommend it to everyone I meet. Thank you very much!

Jim C., Reading, PA

Suddenly Attracted

New partner! Switched from unhappy, short-time love relationship to happy and more-than-I-hoped-for wonderful love relationship that feels as if it will last forever; something I had been wanting in the past but could never find and that I stopped looking for and suddenly attracted, just like that!

Testimonial by Miriam Van Keulen , The Hague

No Drama Anymore

I am no longer living dramatically. I am grateful for who I am and what I have. I am calm and happy and I manage more, easier than ever before. There is no drama any more.

Testimonial by Rodica Constantinovici, Romania

Loved the "I Am Not" Exercise

I especially loved the “I am not” exercise. I have been using this exercise whenever the mind tries to hurry me or trap me into worry, such as, “I am not bothered by the fact that I paid too much for lunch” or “I do not care about being on time.” I find myself smiling at how much I used to feel identified with those feelings.

Testimonial by Mauryne, New York

Living as a Spiritual Being

Realized this is more about me living as a spiritual being and not as the body/mind I thought I was.

Testimonial by Catherin Emmanuel , Glasgow, Scotland

Turning Down the Volume of My Mind

Realizing that my perception of me is not real. A feeling of peace and happiness when I allow my mind to rest. I know now my mind is not the enabler or source of happiness. My heart brings me joy when I turn down the volume of my mind.

Testimonial by Rod Macpherson , Nova Scotia, Canada

All Arises in Awareness

Even greater realization that absolutely everything, as well as nothingness, (even empty space) as well as what we call “the mind” – all that arises in awareness. Then it becomes even more difficult to take anything seriously. So liberating!

Testimonial by Ifty Bashir , United Kingdom

The Thought Factory

All my life I have worshipped my reasoning brain. Now that I see it for what it is: a “thought factory”, it has fallen off this pedestal. A huge relief.

Testimonial by Ria Schopman , The Netherlands

Trusting Inner Knowingness

The greatest gift has been the recognition of how my mind interferes in daily activities and how easy it is to just let go in order to be what I am, trusting the inner knowingness to do whatever it is doing in the moment. I feel happier than ever before, in a deeper and more stable sense.

Testimonial by Andrea Zaccardi , Italy

Being Is Enough

The one-on-one releases were especially rewarding for me. I opened to the possibility that to be is enough! What? No efforting or achieving? Being is enough. Wow.

Testimonial by Gudrum Schwarzer , Germany

Learned to Just Be

The Sedona Method changed my life – it gave me my life back. Before I was just living my day-to-day life; dull and unexciting and unable to enjoy it. Now I am living and enjoying life. I learned to be myself, or just to be.

Testimonial by Jan-Bert Oostenenk , The Netherlands

No Beginning and No End

I’ve gained a whole new way to live; I’d looked so much to the future I’d forgotten to live my life. There’s a peacefulness that I’ve found and a relaxation in the knowing I don’t have to fight at all to be here. My life has changed drastically; it’s more vibrant, more beautiful – there are so many facets to things. I love the fact that we have no boundaries. There’s no beginning and no end to us.

Testimonial by Laharia Roxana Silvia , Romania

Survive and Thrive

Facing fears and feelings I have long avoided, I find I survive and thrive.

Testimonial by Doug Eckstein , Roseburg, OR

At Ease in My Body

I feel so much more at ease in my body – comfortable and light

Testimonial by Barbara Smith , Edmonton, Alberta

Now Have a Life Worth Living

This morning I was crying like a baby. I have been using The Sedona Method since May. I have devoted hours upon hours to releasing. I have had many breakthroughs. Today was the most powerful one yet. I come from a background of abuse, neglect, poverty, starvation, rape, molestation, suicidal tendencies and attempts, depression, drug and alcohol use … the list goes on an on. In the three months that I have been using this method, I have gotten my life back (well, I never really had a good one), so let’s just say that using this method has given me a life worth living. I love myself so much now and am enjoying being alive for the first time ever. This morning I cried tears of gratitude for over an hour. I can not begin to express in words how much this method means to me.

Testimonial by Graduate

I Am Not My Memories

I can see that I am not my memories of being a war veteran, but an unlimited being and in this moment, totally free!

Testimonial by Michael Dowdall , Petaluma, CA

Resting in that which is Beyond Everything

Thoughts are sounds, feelings are sensations, and my story is all the in the past. I can welcome and release all of this. I don’t have to be identified with any of it. I can drop my problems, life scripts, pet issues and simply live in the moment. And I can rest in that which is beyond everything.

Testimonial by Rene Laventure , Homestead, PA

Enlightenment Really Is Effortless

This course has been, for me, a perfect illustration of the wisdom that “When you are ready, the Universe will provide the Teacher.” Not only has my path brought me to this place and time, but this course has enlightened my memory of that path. I came with an open mind to the possibility, but was skeptical that enlightenment could be truly effortless. I now see clearly that it cannot be any other way.

Testimonial by Phil Rockwell , Stuart, FL

Tremendous Reduction in Anger

I have experienced a tremendous reduction in anger and even more in the endless mind chatter. I feel calm, don’t get upset from so many things that used to drive me crazy. I accept others as they are without criticism or judgment.

Testimonial by Eli Saraf , New York, NY

Let Go and Let God Made Simple

All my life I have been told to “Let go, let God.” I have burdened myself even more feeling as though I have failed to do this; as though I have failed my faith by not letting go of the anxieties, fears and feelings of worthlessness. The Sedona Method has given me the tools to finally accomplish this amazingly simple concept.

Testimonial by Deborah White , Colleyville, TX

No Longer Trapped by Worry

Sedona gives me immediate access to what’s present now beyond the mind games. I am no longer trapped in the mind’s worry state. I was very good at creating all the details and problems to what could or would go wrong with my life or a project. I find the freedom is awesome around releasing or giving up this story and watching all of these answers or ideas to fix an imaginary problem completely disappear. I am now completely informed in how to find peace and happiness genuinely.

Testimonial by Gail Daehlin , Loon Lake, WA


Not Annoyed by Others

I’m very pleased that I cannot be annoyed anymore by the behavior of others; I just let it go. This course certainly makes life a lot easier.

Testimonial by Maaike Van Nouhuys-de Ruiter , The Netherlands

Released Feelings of Sadness and Grief

Through the Fifth Way releasing technique used in this training, I was able to release feelings of sadness and grief on an issue that for twenty years has burdened me and diminished the joy and happiness I found in life.

Testimonial by Bill Mull , Roseburg, OR

Communication from the Heart

I am able to let things be and not react to others’ anger or upset, and not to feel anger or upset or grief. By not reacting as I formerly did, I am able to communicate from my heart clearly and effectively.

Testimonial by Anthony Degutis

We Bicker Far Less

My relationship with my wife is greatly improved. We bicker far less frequently and have a more profound understanding of each other and a better sense of common purpose. We are closer.

Testimonial by David Dale , Richmond, BC, Canada

A Freakin' Miracle

For the first time in my life it is ok to be me. I’ve tasted freedom. I had a conversation with my wife and one of her most annoying tendencies came up and I found it cute and lovable and we both let it go. What a freakin’ miracle

Testimonial by Mark Silverman

Stopped Trying to Fix My Husband

Never in my 61 years of this life have I experienced such freedom and peace. One of my gains is that I have stopped trying to “fix” my husband of 42 years. That is one big gain!

Testimonial by Gretchen Allmang , Hemet, CA

Love and Harmony for Husband

I now experience more love and harmony in my relationship with my husband. He once said he had no experience with things getting better, they always seemed to get worse. He’s now incredibly grateful for the wonderful relationship we have.

Testimonial by Susan McClure , WA

Dramatic Change in Relationship with Wife

My greatest change has been in my relationship with my wife. I had relationships on my list, but the change has been dramatic and without effort. I just find myself having a closer, more loving relationship. I think of her more often and want to do more thoughtful things for her.

Testimonial by C.F. , Plano, TX

Accepting Each Other's Differences

Our relationship has become noticeably more calm, accepting and loving. Instead of irritations triggering emotional upsets, we just release and accept each other’s differences as mysterious treasures to be enjoyed.

Testimonial by David and Mary Lou Henry , El Paso, TX

Love and Acceptance for My Father

I have had many issues with my father in the last few years. Using The Method lately, I’ve noticed a lot more acceptance and love for him without even working on the issues directly.

Testimonial by T. McConnachie , Australia

Changing Our Lives

I became aware of how I was sabotaging my relationships, by wanting control, wanting approval and wanting security. I shared the course with a very close friend. The growth I have experienced myself and the growth that I have witnessed in him has changed our lives.

Testimonial by Shari Paulson , Houston, TX

In Touch with the Love for My Son

My relationship with my son has dramatically improved. I used that think his resistance was the problem. I have gotten to see/experience it was MY resistance and wanting of control, approval and security that was locking us in our struggle/suffering. I am now in touch with my love for my son.

Testimonial by John Greiner , Fairfax, CA

Removing Myself from Emotional Drain

I felt that my biggest problem was that I don’t trust men. I had no idea how to tackle this problem. After three days of doing releasing exercises, I suddenly realized that the problem isn’t men; it’s MY constant search for approval. By releasing on my need for approval, I am already removing myself from these emotionally draining situations.

Testimonial by M. Mansfield , MD

Releasing Fixed My Relationship

My daughter and I had a dysfunctional relationship and had lost touch. After learning how to release, I began looking for her again and we have now reconnected. We not only have resolved our differences, but my daughter is now releasing, too!

Testimonial by Carole Dunham


I have gained an overwhelming sense of calm. I know that my experience of the world will change and look forward to new and better relationships. Thank you.

Testimonial by Lisa Marie Verrilli , Staten Island, NY

Feelings of Understanding for Others

In taking a workshop with my husband; noticing that there was less concern about his experience … less wanting for him to “get” anything in particular. Acceptance of myself, of others. When my daughter told me she didn’t want me to be there when she gave birth to twins, I felt understanding for what she wanted, which was to be with her other kids and husband.

Testimonial by Donna Nisha Cohen , Stone Ridge, NY

Love Doesn't Need to Hurt

Release from childhood memories of grief. Shift in perception in realizing I do not need to suffer and I can let go of years of my story right now. Realizing love doesn’t need to hurt and I don’t need to always protect myself from pain. Thank you.

Testimonial by Annabel Emson , Atherton, CA

A NEW Level of Peace

I was able to release anger that had stopped me personally and professionally. I was able to reach a new level of peace.

Testimonial by James Slayton , Las Vegas, NV

More Love and Support

Setting boundaries – expressing my feelings – in the past, suppressing them. Not seeking approval from others. Not feeling I have to give away everything to seek approval. Acceptance of my sisters – feel more love & support. Synchronistic things happening in my life – more miracles!

Testimonial by Jolene Delbridge , Spokane, WA

My Man - My Soul Mate

The man I love, my man, my soul-mate, I met him 8 years ago and we immediately know we are meant to be together. But life decided differently for us. He lives in South Africa and after having been together for some years he had to go back. We traveled, we lived in Holland and there, and finally I decided I cannot live in South Africa where I do not feel free. I had to let go. I released and released on the need to be with the one I love. I haven’t seen him for 10 months and we were no longer in touch. After 2 days of releasing I came home in the evening and he called. He decided to give up everything there and come to Europe to be with me. I’m shocked! Yesterday I released on wanting to be with this person until I felt only love for him – no need. Amazing!

Testimonial by Liesbeth van Woerden , The Hague

Belonging to the Group

I realized in this course that I can embrace my sensitivity instead of always wanting to fix who I really, authentically am. I always tried to fit in, adapt, respond to others the way I thought I should (in order) to belong to the group. But it often makes me tired, confused, sick, etc. I just released that I have to adapt, which gave me a lot of freedom.

Testimonial by Tetsiea Blijham , Amsterdam, NL

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