Take that Weight Off & Keep it Off

  • Do you compulsively overeat or eat when you are not hungry?
  • Do you diet hop only to gain it all back?
  • Are you frustrated with always having to watch your weight?
  • Is the mirror your enemy instead of your friend?

Does this sound familiar? If you have ever felt like this, you are not alone—and there is real and lasting help in the form of the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method has helped thousands of people worldwide break the cycle of being stuck in their weight gain patterns.

Feel your resistance to healthy habits and your compulsion for unhealthy choices dissolve on the spot.

When you feel a desire to engage in an action or habit that does not serve your optimal wellness (such as watching TV instead of going to the gym or eating the fudge mousse cake instead of your salad), simply ask yourself the easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember questions that make up the Sedona Method. You will feel your attachment to the action or habit dissolve, the “gotta have it” feeling melt away. In its place, you will feel ease and contentment.

“I am eating healthier and I’ve lost 10 lbs over the last two months without even focusing on it. I am actually happier with myself and my life than I have been for a very long time. Thank you.”
Brian Harbaugh, South Lyon, MI

Free of the emotional charge that drives you to choose actions that may not serve your optimal health, you will feel more relaxed and able to make choices that support the healthy lifestyle you desire. The noise of your mind will subside, and you will begin to feel your energy and health returning to you. The Sedona Method helps you to stay on your diet and exercise programs, supports you in making healthier on-the-spot choices, helps you free up your energy, reduces stress, and helps you eliminate the physical and emotional pain and discomfort that comes from having a body that is not the way you would choose.

How does the Sedona Method work? 

As you use the Method, you will find over time that the very situations and experiences that you used to find the most difficult to control or energy-draining will become less and less so, until you may even forget that you used to have those kinds of experiences. You will find that that you no longer have to avoid public situations. You will be able to fit into your smaller clothes. The dislike and shame you have had for your body will disappear. And you will find yourself walking with your head up and your spirits high, knowing you have conquered your eating and weight issues.

“When I did some releasing on being overweight, I immediately joined a gym and started losing weight. Even one or two releases before eating seems to keep me choosing healthier foods.”
Susan Seifert, Fairfield, IA

How can the Sedona Method help me?

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