How The Sedona Method Is Unique

"Truth is simple. If it was complicated everyone would understand it." - Anonymous

The Sedona Method is simple to use. In our highly complex world, you will find it is a huge relief to work with a technique that is elegantly simple. In fact, one of the reasons we have 13 CDs or audio cassettes in our audio program, and our seminars take a whole weekend, is that it often takes a few days for your mind to accept that true relief from even your most difficult problems can be this simple to achieve.

It works in the moment. Most emotionally based techniques require you to discover why you feel the way you do before allowing yourself to let go. With the Sedona Method, you go right to the point of letting go each time and if insights are required they occur naturally after you are free from the pain. This allows you to let go moment to moment through your day when you need the relief the most.

"The Sedona Method has been life changing. I was always trying to control every person and event in my life, trying to avoid the negative feelings in my life. Now, I know I don’t need to be afraid of my feelings anymore. I know what to do now, I welcome and release. Very cool, thank you!"
Paul Anderson, Sandy, UT

There is no need to dwell on the past. With the Sedona Method, there is no need to go back into your past and re-experience painful experiences, journal about them, discuss them, often at length, and generally spend a lot of time wanting to figure the problem out. You simple let go and feel better now.

The results are lasting and accumulate over time. Most self-improvement techniques and seminars produce decreasing results over time. The scientifically proven Sedona Method has the opposite effect. In a six-month study conducted by Mutual of New York with their field underwriters, the group that learned the Sedona Method outperformed a control group by 33 percent. The study was divided into two three-month segments, and the results from the second three months of the study were better than the first. The results increased over time.

It is universally applicable. Most self- improvement techniques only focus on a single problem, where the Sedona Method shows participants how to let go of any problem that has been in any way influenced by how they feel.

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Works equally well for both men and women. Most self-improvement techniques are too touchy-feely for the majority of men. Seventy percent of self-improvement book buyers and seminar participants are women. Because the approach of the Sedona Method balances both the left and right hemispheres of the brain—as well as the heart and head—it appeals equally to men and women.

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