Scientific Evidence

Study on the Effectiveness of the Sedona Method

Research on The Sedona Method was conducted by Dr. Richard J. Davidson of the State University of New York in collaboration with Dr. David C. McClelland of the Department of Social Relations at Harvard University. Dr. Davidson has been associated with some of the best research in the field of stress reduction, and Dr. McClelland is an internationally known authority.

The Details

The pilot study involved three groups of 20 persons each: one group was taught the Sedona Method, a second group was taught Progressive Relaxation, and a third control group was comprised of people who were interested in a stress reduction technique but who were not taught any. (Progressive Relaxation is a technique of tensing and relaxing muscles. It has been a well-accepted technique for stress reduction since 1935.)

All subjects were shown a film of three gory industrial accidents once before the training, two weeks post-training, and 3 1/2 months post-training. Various physiologic measurements were made during the film and immediately afterwards.

The results:


The Progressive Relaxation group had a 100% improvement in heart rate over the control group during the third viewing. The Sedona group showed a 360% improvement over the control group.


The diastolic component of blood pressure is the second of the two blood pressure readings and is considered to be the more significant measurement. A comparison between the final diastolic measurement (after the third viewing) and the first showed that the Control group had a 2% increase.

The Progressive Relaxation group had a 3% reduction in diastolic blood pressure while the Sedona group had a 10% reduction.


Muscle tension during the third viewing of the stressful film showed that the control group's muscle tension was reduced by 14% whereas the Progressive Relaxation group showed a 28% reduction, and the Sedona group showed a 26% reduction in muscle tension.

Even though The Sedona Method is not aimed at muscle tension (it is a mental technique) it had almost as great a reduction in muscle tension (only 2 percentage points difference) as the Progressive Relaxation group.


These researchers concluded: The Sedona Method is an outstanding technique “for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

The scientific results support the experience of most graduates who report that they are calmer in difficult situations after having learned the Sedona Method.

OK. So, sure it works. But... Do course results last?

MONY Corporation Study

A study of the effect on sales performance of the Sedona Method was done with the field underwriters of the MONY Corporation. The Group that took the Sedona Method was matched with a control group for production, age, sex and number of years with the company. The group that took the Sedona Method outperformed the control group by 33%.It is also interesting to note that the margin of superiority of the Sedona group was greater in the second half of the test period than it was in the first. The results increased over time.

Sedona Method Graduate Survey


Two surveys were conducted with the same population: A telephone survey focused on rating the Sedona Method and its benefits. And an anonymous written survey focused on the benefits of the course.


A random sample of graduates who took the training was surveyed over a 17-month period. 117 graduates participated in the study.

All who participated were surveyed by phone and then received a written follow-up survey. The respondents to the written survey responded anonymously. And during the telephone survey, all were told that their individual responses would be kept confidential. It had been more than 9 months on average since the graduates surveyed had taken the course.


Of those participating in the written study, 91% rated the course Valuable, Very Valuable or Extremely Valuable. Of those participating in the telephone study, 92% rated the course Valuable, Very Valuable or Extremely Valuable. Not one person gave it a negative rating in either study. And of all the rating categories, the most cited rating was Extremely Valuable—in both studies and by an overwhelming majority.

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