Are You a People Pleaser?

  • Are you deeply affected by what others do or say or don’t do or say?
  • Do you change your behavior to make other people happy at your own expense?
  • Do you go out of your way to avoid conflict?
  • Are you afraid to be yourself and feel what you feel?
  • Do you have trouble saying no or feel guilty when you do?
  • Do you need to be in a relationship to feel complete, but often have painful love relationships?

Does this sound familiar? If you have ever felt like this, you are probably a “people pleaser,” someone whose goal it is to please other people in order to avoid rejection, disapproval, criticism and dislike. This is an extremely common behavior and you are not alone—and there is real and lasting help in the form of the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method can help you stop living at the effect of others while finding your inner source of power.  

Feel your compulsion to please melt away.

When you feel a discussion or situation leading you to say or do something you will later regret, simply ask yourself the easy-to-learn and easy-to-remember questions that make up the Sedona Method, and you will feel the tightness leaving your stomach, shoulders and chest. In its place, you will feel ease, relaxation and love.

You will no longer have to worry about another person's crisis becoming your own. You will feel more relaxed and capable of communicating easily whatever feelings you have for the other person. In return, the other person will be able to do the same. The noise of your mind will subside, and you will have the peace of mind to master any life situation.

"My greatest gain: to realize that my wanting approval is the most selfish want. It blocks my loving and giving to others. I was able to completely release this want which has given me a great feeling of joy, happiness and freedom and a whole new look on loving and giving."
Lila Somers, Novato, CA

You don't have to put the problems of others ahead of yours anymore.

Although self-sacrifice and misunderstandings are at times a natural part of a healthy relationship, there are many cases where a person puts another person's happiness ahead of their own at all costs. A people pleaser will believe that if you want a relationship to survive, you have to give in and pretend that your significant other is "right" and you are "wrong." Attitudes like these will result in a long, unhappy existence with a loved one that usually ends on a very unsatisfying note.

The Sedona Method allows you to let go of the feelings and beliefs that lock you into the patterns of behavior that prevent you from taking care of yourself. It also helps people who are totally self-centered recognize that they are not alone on the planet. As you use the Sedona Method you will find that you come into balance. If you need to be more self-assertive, you will be in a natural non-forced way, and if you need to pay more attention to the needs of others, you will do this as well in an appropriate way.

It is our unresolved emotions that cause us to say and do things or not say or do things that we later regret. As you develop the skill through the Sedona Method to let go of these unresolved emotions, you will be able to take your life back and live a life with room for both self and other, helping others when it is appropriate and setting boundaries for yourself in a healthy and balanced way.

A Real Solution to People Pleasing—the Sedona Method

Although you can be helped through counseling and therapy to identify the personality traits causing these problems, you will find there is a better and more effective way called the Sedona Method. The scientifically verified Sedona Method is an elegant, easy-to-learn, do-it-yourself system that will show you how to tap your natural ability to let go of the feelings causing you to put the problems or happiness of others before your own. The Sedona Method will show you how to rid yourself of the causes of being a people pleaser. The Sedona Method is a powerful and complete system on its own that can also be used to get more out of any other form of help that you might explore.

It can be used in life to get immediate relief from feelings of guilt whenever the problems or issues of others are becoming your main focus. Instead of acting in unhealthy ways, the Sedona Method will teach you to easily break the patterns of thought and behavior that force you to succumb to people pleasing.

How does the Sedona Method work? 

As you use the Method, you will find over time that the very situations and experiences that you used to find the most exhausting or disturbing will become less and less so, until you may even forget that you used to have those kinds of experiences.

How can the Sedona Method help me?

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