Transform yourself and change your life with The Sedona Method

There are several ways for you to step into using the Sedona Method, including watching our free Letting Go movie, using our recorded courses, and joining a week-long retreat where you can interact, ask questions, get assistance, and be immersed in releasing.

All of these options will help you to use the method and enjoy the results of releasing.

Ways to explore the Sedona Method

Watch the Letting Go movie on YouTube or Amazon Prime or read The Sedona Method book

In an hour and eight minutes, you can learn how to let go of stress, tension, and anxiety with the Letting Go movie currently streaming on Amazon Prime and on YouTube.

It is absolutely free to watch Letting Go: The Sedona Method Movie on The Sedona Method Channel on YouTube.
If you have Amazon Prime in the US or UK, you can stream it for a small rental charge. Search movies for "Letting Go: The Sedona Method Movie."

The Sedona Method book is an in-depth reference guide to the first three methods of releasing: choosing to let go, welcoming, and diving in. Available in Paperback or as a Digital eBook.


Ready right now to start releasing in-depth?

Letting Go Made Easy online video course (retail $100)

As you go through the six online video sessions, you will use the Sedona Method to master your emotions and thoughts. You will explore the basic ways of letting go and discover how to use them to help solve or dissolve both acute and long-standing problems. You will learn powerful applications of the Sedona Method that will help you have, be, and do more with greater ease and less effort.

The six one-hour sessions are:

  1. From Chaos to Serenity
  2. The Keys to Lasting Success and Emotional Well-Being
  3. Abundance Now
  4. Love Now
  5. Radiant Health and Well-Being Now
  6. Peace Now


Let's go beyond the basics

The Sedona Method 4-in-1 Supercourse (retail $388)

The complete Supercourse program is available on 20 CDs or digital audio sessions. The 4-in-1 course includes a 198-page workbook with exercises that help you get the most from the four programs, plus you receive the New York Times best-selling The Sedona Method book.

The four courses that make up the Supercourse are:

  1. The Basic Course
  2. Effortless Wealth and Success
  3. Effortless Relationships
  4. Effortless Health and Well-Being


Immerse yourself in live releasing experiences

Live Releasing Series (retail $250)

Three times each year, Hale Dwoskin presents a live Releasing Series on various topics. Past series include From Fear to Fearlessness, The Money Course, Happiness and Joy, and True Power and Grace.

Each Releasing Series generally has twelve one-hour audio sessions presented over six days by phone or internet broadcast. They are wonderful opportunities to immerse yourself in letting go in very focused and effective ways.


Join Hale Dwoskin in multi-day retreats

Live Retreat (retail $1297)

Held several times per year, the Sedona Method retreats are week-long live events designed to help you to dive deeply in the limitless beauty, love, and peace that you are. You will learn tools, perspectives, and techniques to continue to transform every part of your life from now on.

Whether you are new to The Sedona Method or have been releasing for decades you will find that joining a retreat, whether in-person or virtual, is like an exquisite spiritual balm for body, mind, and soul. It will help you to shed deeply held limitations and hold-backs and will help free you to open to the wide expanse of presence and clarity that is always right within you.

Presently all of our retreats are virtual and amazingly personal. We hope to be back offering in-person experiences in 2022.



Our Guarantee

The Sedona Method can be an amazing life acceleration, one which you will enjoy for the rest of your life. So go ahead and try one of our programs. You have nothing to lose except your lack, pain, and suffering...and everything to gain. The Sedona Method can deliver even more than you can imagine. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may receive a full refund of your purchase price within 30 days.